Dog Walking and Pet Sitting in the Cherry Hill area of NJ For more info, call 267-886-5469 or
Dog Walking and Pet Sitting in the Cherry Hill area of NJFor more info, call 267-886-5469 or

Our Story


I have always wanted a pet (since the day I was born!!) but for various reasons could never own a cat or dog.  Then I was on a career path in the travel industry which definitely meant no animals.  I was a road warrior how could I .....?  


Finally, I found myself in a more settled situation and got the menagerie I so desperately wanted .... but the need to travel now and then cropped up.  At first I tried a pet hotel.  It was brand new (which is always cleaner and better in the hotel business) and we were going to be gone for a week. Although it was inexpensive at first, when you add in breaks and walks etc. it began to get pricey. But our dog was worth it! We dropped our beagle off with her favorite toys and blanket, her favorite food and snacks...all ready for her deluxe suite.    


We came back a day early and learned we could pick up Sophie prior to closing that evening!  I was so excited - I had missed her so much!  When we got there, Sophie was in a regular room, a black Lab was laying on her blanket and she was visibly thin. We brought her home and she would not look at me for hours.  What did they do in there???


Next I tried family members and in-laws. Much as they want to help, let me just say this: dogs do best on a schedule and not even a strict one!  If you don't follow the schedule and don't pay attention to the dog, they don't know what's expected of them and then they pretty much do what they want, when and where they want to.


I tried a co-worker/friend.  There was a total disconnect between the dog (at this point in time a Westie) and my friend. I came home to chaos.  


That's when I thought I can't be the only one dealing with this.  Why couldn't I be the solution for people to help care for their pets? I know what it's like to feel somewhat trapped in your own home because at times, you really are. But at the same time you are unsure of who will honestly care for your cat or dog, not to mention trusting someone enough to allow them free access into your home. So why not be the person I would want, for others?


Suburban Outsitters is here for all the owners who at times feel their plans are limited because of the pets they dearly love; whose dogs or cats only do well in their own home; who are not kennel or pet hotel dogs/cats and are not the type of pet that thrives in a boarding situation. We are animal lovers and owners ourselves and understand how much your pet means to you. And, most importantly we are here to give the special care and attention your pet deserves.  This is what we strive to provide for you and your irreplaceable companion when you need help.


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